Top 5 PS One Games


Top 5 PSOne Games

When it comes to video games anything is fair game. Sure you can be a fanboy/girl and only stick to one console or one of the major game companies, but you would miss out on a lot of exciting and I might add game-changing content that just might not be available on your chosen console. That would be like choosing to only eating Big Macs at McDonald’s, they have other things you know? Just because you like a burger doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy a salad or the chicken nuggets now and then. So besides being hungry I am also talking about when I fell out of Nintendo’s familiar loving arms and fell into the arms of a stranger when the new (then it was new) Sony Playstation hit store shelves and earned its place in my heart.

Catch my top 5 PS One games after the break!

Vigilante 8 Second Offense

Vigilante 8: Second Offense

What Is It?:

“It is a vehicular combat video game released for the PlayStation, Dreamcast and the Nintendo 64 on December 1, 1999. It is the sequel to Vigilante 8.” -Wikipedia.

Who Made It?: Developed by Luxoflux and published by Activision.

Why I Liked It?: There is just something so satisfying about an all out death match in vehicles with weapons and power-ups. It’s chaotic, it’s frantic and depending on whether you played with a friend in either Co-Op or Multiplayer you could be trying to finish the story with every other character or just killing each other and the other CPU players over and over and over in many exciting locals such as a farm or Area 51.

Final Impression: Crazy fun to be had, Co-Op is fun and rewarding and it’s like a funny-charming version of like-minded title: Twisted Metal.

Did You Know?: Vigilante 8 Arcade was released on XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade for you not in the know types) and it is a remake of the first Vigilante 8 game with some concepts borrowed from the sequel.

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